You have A Tropical Hut, a private escape somewhere in the sunny, warm tropics. It could be a Hut, Choza, Palapa, House, Villa, Hotel, Guest House, Hostel, B&B, Campground, TreeHouse, Boat, Retreat or even a Resort. It doesn't really matter what kind of structure or business model it is, as long as it was at one time or still is, your Escape to the Tropics. You know that special place I'm talking about right?


  You are now thinking about or have already decided to become a 'Short Term Lodging Provider' by opening 

Your Tropical Hut to the public. You decided for any of many possible reasons, but probably one of the primary motivating factors was to help pay some of the constant day in and day out costs of maintaining infrastructure in tropical paradise. It's expensive as you have probably experienced.


  While operating your new 'Vacation Rental Business' you discover almost immediately that competition is fierce and secondly, it's much more complicated and time consuming than initially anticipated. It's definitely diverting attention away from other, more pleasurable activities. The move to income producing might even have removed some of your initial reasons for spending time at Your Tropical Hut in the first place. If this sounds somewhat familiar understand that we can relate because we've been there & done that.

  We were so tired and frustrated with the amount of work and effort required to efficiently & effectively manage short term rental properties that we challenged ourselves to find solutions which integrated a mobile property management platform into our new way of doing business. 


  So we sourced, tested, selected and eventually integrated a few cloud-based applications into our daily operations permitting us to manage the business from anywhere with internet access on a smartphone, tablet or laptop. 


  We initially implemented the ideas contained at

My Tropical Hut to better manage our own properties. We're now happy to put them to work for owners and managers throughout the tropics.


  Some main features are listed below.

  • 24/7 Online Reservation System

  • Incorporate Auxiliary Income Add-ons @ POS

  • Create Coupons, Discounts & Packages

  • Accept Payments with Cards, Paypal & Bank Transfers

  • Simultaneously Publish Prices & Availability to OTA's like Booking, Expedia, Airbnb & Tripadvisor 

  • Connect to Social Media Networks like FaceBook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest & Linkedin 

  • Communicate Directly with Guests

  • Capture & Analyse Guest Data​​

  • Enhance Business & Property Branding ​

  • International Mobile Accessibility

  • Streamline Web Design & Hosting 

       and most importantly of all,

  • Integrate ALL Company Communications 

  We then publish and maintain an 'Online Reservation Report' so everyone on your team can access the important data without having to manage the back end of the system. 

  Do We Have Your Attention Yet? Are you Starting to See the Possibilities? 

USA  310 579 2184   

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